Shooter in the Crosshairs

Shooter-in-the-Crosshairs_eBookCoverShooter in the Crosshairs

Brock Nicholls screwed up.

When his television career went down in flames on the steps of a Dallas courthouse, it made national news and earned the TV photog a night in lock-up. Now, Brock’s stuck in the place where it all started, Baton Rouge, working for Percy Finch and his “Good News” strategy that has viewers flocking to the competition. If that weren’t bad enough, Finch has Brock locked into shooting pet parades for Katie Couric wannabes like Nancy Patrick.

Against his better judgment, Brock drags Nancy to the scene of a fire where he is plunged into the world that originally ignited his passion for this business – a world before cookie-cutter anchors and Barbie doll reporters. There he finds something that has been sorely missing in his life – the first real person he’s met in years, Ida Mae Christophe.

Brock is sure that, through her eyes, he can tell the story of a neglected corner of the metro wallowing in poverty, crime, and fear. A story so intense, it will catapult him back to the top. In order to do it, he and Nancy will have to find the arsonist hiding in the circle of lighted torches around the burning cross.

When he finally comes face-to-face with the man behind the sheet, Brock discovers he has one more demon to exorcise – one from his youth. In order to do that, he’ll have to decide between telling the story of a lifetime and sending a murderer to jail.

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Praise for Shooter

Shooter in the Crosshairs explores the constant battle of ethics vs. ratings that many journalists face on a daily basis. A well-written tale that captures both the rich setting of the Deep South and the passion that’s wired into every journalist. Nic Tatano Wing Girl

Portier has a spirited writing style.  His dialogue is sharp and life-like.  And he knows the TV business like only a news shooter in the 94th market can. Mike James;

Rick’s combined his knowledge of the news business with his gift for depiction to create a freakin’ page-turner. The nerve of that guy! Stewart ‘Lenslinger’ Pittman; Viewfinder Blues


Gritty, raw, and exciting! 

I’d call it a real page-turner if there actually were pages. The overall story was filled with enough emotion and surprises to keep me glued to my screen.  Tim Stewart; KSAT-TV, San Antonio, TX

I found the characters well fleshed out, the plot a riveting one. This one is a real page turner. Lorrie Struiff-Unites; Author, The Gypsy Crystal



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