Wing Girl

I knew Nic Tatano before he was Nic Tatano.

He and I were colleagues during my formative years as a television storyteller. The dude’s got a dry wit and a sarcastic tongue sharp enough to shave with. (Now there’s an image you want while eating your bagel.) It helped that we were both trapped in television news hell. We both knew he wasn’t long for local news.

Now the dude I used to snicker at has the whole world laughing at him . . . or at least he hopes to. See, NIc has taken all that stuff he knew about the whack-jobs inside the newsroom and the New York bar scene and turned it into a romantic comedy . . . with a twist, of course.

9780007548583Wing Girl turns the dating world on it’s head. Belinda Carson is a hard-nosed investigative reporter by day and an attention magnet by night. Her fame attracts men like moths to a flame. Her lack of style and biting wit guts them like a hunter field dressing a moose. Then her friends swoop in to pick up the pieces — the classic wing man in reverse.

When Belinda decides it’s time to settle down, her friends, three stereo-typical New Yawkuhs, take their wing girl to charm school. With a makeover that sends her from frumpy pup to top dog at the bar, and a quick lesson in what not to say, Belinda soon becomes the target of every swinging dick on the street. But how will it effect her hard-nosed image? And with which of her many suiters will Wing Girl eventually settle down?

I literally laughed out loud while reading this book. Belinda and her friends are a hoot. Tatano serves up a sarcastic blend of romance and comedy in a story that’s as easy to read (I read it in 2 nights.) as it is sweet.

Don’t come here looking for newsroom dish. If you press him, I’m sure Tatano will tell you he took some liberties with the news scenes, but those are few, and not the main focus of the story. Where it shines is in the bar room where the Belinda and friends, all strong, independent, and successful, dish on the do’s and don’ts of dating in the 21st century.

The fact that this was written by a man should scare the bejesus out of women. Yes, we’ve figured out your game, but have no fear, we’re still too dumb to use it against you. Wing Girl could easily transition to the big screen — a sort of Bride’s Maids of the Barroom — starring Maris Tomei, Tina Fey, Isla Fischer, and Christina Applegate as Belinda.

If you’re in the market for something light with a lot of laughs give my piasan Nic a read. You’ll never look at a barroom full of women the same again.

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2 thoughts on “Wing Girl

  1. Reblogged this on turdpolishertv and commented:

    Never realized I liked chick-lit. But it’s sarcastic as hell, so I get a pass.

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